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NY Times Lens Blog features 'There is a Crack In Everything'
rocio de alba
Mar 23, 2017

For people who know me, they know I am a proud recovered addict. I have been sober since 2008 and one day at a time, I will continue to do so for many years to come. When you're the kind of addict I was, life seems bleek and I felt nothing but disgust for myself. Sure in the beginning it was fun, but it wasn't long before I was suicidal and in the very end, even though I didn' want to drink, I had to in order for my body to function properly. I admire the plethora of photo projects out there depicting recovering women addicts in various media platforms such as the fine-arts community, news coverage, and photojournalism. I believe these talented photographers genuinely and beautifully capture the devastation female addicts cause their love ones. However, there is another side of that spectrum and that is the long-term sober woman. It's true not many women addicts overcome their vices and many give the ultimate sacrifice -death. And even though statistics prove that women with long-term recovery are slim if not rare, they are out there living productive and flourishing lives against the odds. I began my journey to find them a few years back, interview, and photograph them with this profound objective: to bring social awareness to their stories and honor their accomplishments in hope that it may help other women seek help.

My series "There is a Crack In Everything," is still in its developing stages but I'm honored to know it's getting encouraging recognition. So I'm tremendously honored to say that The New York Times - Lens Blog has picked-up my story and published it today. If you have a moment please take a look.Thank you for your time.